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“Contemporary” Collections

To this day, the Haviland Manufacturer constantly renews its models by putting its know-how at the service of a contemporary design. Realizing our own forms, from the modern bowl to the classic rim shape, our ateliers sublimate the material. Combining artisanal creativity with the demands of modernism, Haviland creates exceptional patterns imagined in a unique contemporary style. To achieve this, our craftsmen possess a perfect mastery of the chromolithography process thanks to a printing atelier located ideally in the manufacturer in Limoges. Porcelain, delicate and light, dresses in shapes and colors of today and tomorrow.

Thus, through models like Souffle d’Or, the matt and shiny finish intertwine to create a resolutely new motif, perceived as a constellation; the Damassé service also offers a very contemporary interpretation of the traditional silk fabrics of the eponymous city; the finely engraved pattern of the Infini plate equally illustrates the refinement of Haviland.
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