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“Intemporelle” Collections

The Haviland collections are distinguished by the elegance of the decorations and the delicacy of the gold or platinum finishes. The services are also remarkable for the retention and the resistance of their colors. The timeless Haviland collections endure through time. They have been widely appreciated throughout the years with their ultimate identity: refinement. Full of elegance, the filets in genuine gold or platinum are realized by hand, and act as significant finishing touches to the porcelain patterns. Each element that constitutes the pattern is drawn in precision: the border of the Symphonie collection is delicate; the Orsay filet, a great simplicity. As for the Art Deco par Haviland pattern, it imposes the rhythm of an artistic trend, which has transcended through the ages. The pattern is indeed multifaceted: behind the matt gold forms, a hint of gray highlights the striated white relief, with touches of black and glints of sparkles.
For a collection foreign to the notion of time, invariable, immutable, and timeless, Haviland seeks excellence.
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