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“Relief and Incrustation” Collections

The Maison Haviland prides itself in being one of the last few porcelain manufacturers that master the exceptional know-how of associating precious metals such as gold and platinum, with Limoges porcelain, and creating exclusive handmade inlays or pieces in relief. Long hours of meticulous work are required, and no less than eleven painstaking steps are imperative to create these marvels.

The Relief collection provides a unique touch and aspect with the magnificence of the metals. The meticulous work of the Haviland craftsmen can be seen through true masterpieces like the Salon Murat, and Matignon collection, both re-editions of patterns originating from the late 18th century.

Among the magnificent Inlay collections, the Maison Haviland presents prestigious museum reproductions, such as Feuille d’Or (1912) with a pattern that comes alive, accentuated by its leaves in relief gold, Grand Apparat (1883), one of the most exquisite patterns of the collection, and many more.

These collections of excellence embody the epitome of the unique know-how of the manufacturer, and reveal the true identity of the Maison Haviland.
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