The Haviland Manufacturer dedicates itself to the universe of decoration and interior design and offers a variety of objects from trays, vases, candleholders, to pieces of exception, such as the porcelain wall panel or even the chandelier.
Haviland has prided itself in dressing the finest tables since the very beginning. Today, the Maison is well sought after by interior designers to adorn the most exquisite residences with both traditional and contemporary pieces of geometric and refined forms.
Collaborations with artists and designers have sublimated the porcelain pieces of the Limoges manufacturer. The Haviland craftsmen push boundaries of the material and realize pieces that express the true desires of the artists’, taking their creations to a new level: the Wind Vase, a technical prowess of the manufacturer, successfully reinterprets the designer’s universe with its sculptural forms; the porcelain panel revealing incredible works of the photographer, where each grain of the photo blends perfectly with the material to come as one; or even the spectacular collaboration unifying the talent of two French Maisons of exception to create a magnificent chandelier, highlighting the unique Made in France know-how. The talented craftsmen of the Haviland manufacturer work on porcelain like true experts to perpetuate the excellence of the Limoges porcelain.

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